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Hang Gliding

Hang Gliding Devon

Hang-gliding in Devon is an extreme sport that allows you to fly above the county's amazing coastline and countryside and picking out landmarks.

Hang-gliders in Devon get to soar thousands of feet above the county's landscape for hours, like (and often with) Cornish buzzards and other birds of prey. Hang-gliders use a much simpler and cheaper craft than their paragliding counterparts, consisting of an aluminium framed fabric wing, with the pilot strapped into a glorified sleeping bag hanging in a harness from the wing frame.

International competitions include the FAI World Paragliding Championships, Paragliding World Cup, Red Bull Vertigo Aerobatics World Cup, and the World Air Games.

Hang-gliding in Devon, whatever your fancy, this airborne activity is growing in popularity across the county - just look up in the air.

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